There is no doubt that prevailing real estate markets have been up and down in the few years. For people who purchased their home when the market was predominantly up, the downturn in the market caused some homeowners to find themselves in a negative equity situation.

Negative Equity

As you can imagine, owing more on a home than it’s current market value is a tough position to which to find yourself. Negative equity is especially troubling to homeowner’s who are facing the need to make major repairs or renovations to their home. With limited or zero equity in the home to borrow against, any major repairs to the home can cause a severe financial setback. With no easy way to capitalize a loan, this is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We Offer a Convenient Solution

If you find yourself in this situation in the Metro DC area, there is no need to stress yourself out worrying how you are going to make ends meet. Millennium Strategic Investments specializes in helping homeowners with a convenient way to extract themselves from the troubles of a negative equity situation with a fair cash offer on their home. We buy properties of all kinds including Condominiums, Single Family Homes, Townhomes, and even Multi-Unit Rental properties on as “As-Is” basis.

When we say “As-Is” basis, we mean it! All we need to do is do a “walk through” of your home to see what capital improvements need to be done and determine what offer we can make.

In most cases, we make an offer within 24 hours of inspecting your home. If both parties agree, legal paperwork is drawn up to negotiate the smooth sale of your home.

We do not require any of our customers to make upgrades to their home before handing over the keys. (You don’t have to worry about that carpet you’ve intended to replace!) Unlike the traditional real estate market where many of the sales rely on clever staging, we are happy to buy homes that are in less than perfect condition. If you have dreaded the thought of having to work with a realtor, our services help address that issue, too. We work personally with the homeowner through all steps of the process, thus removing the need for a realtor to step in and work as a middle person in the deal. Another benefit of working with our company is that when we make a deal, we make a deal. With cash. The worries about financing falling through or other delays in the sale just don’t exist!

We are actively looking for homes just like yours, and we’re seeking to make a mutually beneficial deal!

If negative equity on your Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland home is weighing you down, we urge you to contact us today.