For people who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, there is nothing more stressful or worrisome than trying to figure out a way to get current on your payments as quickly as possible.

Avoid the Stress of Foreclosure

Depending on your situation, you may be able to qualify for refinancing of your home. Regardless of whether you seek to refinance through your preferred lender or using a Government-sponsored program like HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) you can expect that a refinance may reduce your overall monthly mortgage payment. While a lower payment may provide you with a bit of financial relief in the short-term, it is worth noting that most refinancing options will extend the life of your loan – in some cases up to 7 – 10 years!

If you are not eligible or interested in refinancing, it is usually only a matter of time before the foreclosure process begins, especially if you anticipate you won’t be able to make the needed payments with any added interest, fees, or penalties that your mortgage lender adds to your loan balance.

We Buy Homes in All Conditions!

Millennium Strategic Investments offers homeowners who are entering the foreclosure process in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland a way to get out from underneath their properties with a painless sale of their home. Our team is uniquely positioned to offer you cash for your home, without the need for hiring a real estate agent, making needed repairs, or being inconvenienced by real estate showings to unqualified (or uninterested) parties.

Our real estate investment firm makes selling your home easier than you ever imagined was possible. We remove the need to list your home and wait for a well-qualified buyer to take an interest – and secure the financing – to buy your home. Our homebuying program gives you the opportunity to sell your home in less than 30 days, giving you the freedom to avoid the stress and uncertainty that is common with foreclosure proceedings.

Simply put, we are here to help you with a fast cash offer, so you can move on to the next phase of your life without having the threat of foreclosure over your head. We have helped hundreds of distressed homeowners in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC navigate their way through the selling process and we would love to help you, too!

Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation assessment of your property today for a cash offer on it tomorrow!